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Workers' Compensation is a complicated and peculiar field of practice. Because of this, it makes a difference who you choose as your attorney. Many firms do not focus on Workers' Compensation but may take on such a case from time to time without the depth of experience you will find at Foster Law P.C. This firm is devoted exclusively to representing injured workers with decades of experience helping literally thousands of people obtain benefits that are so crucial to their health and welfare.

There is a reason why some of Washington's top law firms refer their work related injury cases to Foster Law PC. We have a well-known expertise and are one of the areas leading Workers' Compensation firms. Our attorneys have solid experience and proven expertise securing benefits at every level from the Department all the way up through the Supreme Court.

At Foster Law, P.C., protecting injured workers is more than our job – it's our calling. We are passionate about finding administrative, legal, and legislative solutions to workers' compensation cases. Our workers' compensation attorneys in Washington State represent workers who have become injured or ill through various types of incidents and we help them collect all types of benefits and compensation.


Medical Treatment

Do you experience chronic pain or depression as a result of your industrial injury or occupational disease for which your doctor recommends treatment? Has the Department or self-insured employer refused to authorize treatment that you require? Our workers' compensation attorneys in Seattle, Washington may be able secure treatment authorization for your medical condition under your claim.


Time Loss Compensation

Are you unable to work as a result of your industrial injury or occupational disease? Have you been released to light duty and question whether you are entitled to further benefits? Our workers' compensation attorneys in Washington State may be able to assist you in obtaining compensation for time loss or loss of earning power.


Vocational Retraining

Has your doctor permanently restricted you from returning to your job? Do you lack the education, experience, and training needed to do other work? We may be able to help you receive vocational rehabilitation (retraining) benefits.


Permanent Partial Disability

Have you suffered a permanent impairment as a result of your industrial injury or occupational disease? We may be able to assist you in obtaining a permanent partial disability award when your claim is ready to close.



Do you fear that you will never be able to return to work? We may be able to help you obtain lifetime pension benefits.


COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

Our office will be handling COVID-19 cases for health care workers.


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At Foster Law, P.C., we understand the challenges posed by a workplace injury. Over the years, we have gained a strong reputation around Washington State for our success in helping clients obtain the compensation they need. We're recognized as leading workers' compensation attorneys in the region and will fight for your rights.

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